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Life Patterns

Man walking on side walk

Life is full of patterns and humans are constantly trying to figure out what it all means and what those patterns will lead. It is what we do to survive.
We all do this everyday and not even know it. We stroll through life surrounded by so many patterns visible and invisible.
I often times wonder why.

Behind the Curtain

I wonder why people spend so much time behind darkened vision. Wouldn’t they want to see things as they are? Are they hiding from something?

Not So Fast

Walking with the sun can be an amazing thing. I wonder where these two are heading, coming out of a storm or heading in?

Commuting Downtown

I bring my camera pretty much everywhere to the point I feel very uncomfortable when I don’t have it. I look everywhere I walk and saw this one day as I was commuting along. One of these days I’ll be commuting to get the shots as well.

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Train Tracks

I parked my car and walked around the bridge above the tracks.

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