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On Our Way Up

I normally don’t have my camera tucked away inside my backpack or camera bag. I’m not too interested in photographing the inside of bags, and plus it’s really hard to get a good exposure. When it’s super cold it has it’s place though. I had to quickly put down my things to get this picture and was left near the ground with not much to work with, but I think I got what I wanted without missing the train.

The Right Side

The morning commute can be fun.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

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Santa Takes Public Transportation

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Each year the Chicago Transit Authority runs a specially decorated train, the Holiday Train, on all the lines during the holiday season. The train includes lights, special “advertisements” including Santa jokes and fictional North Pole restaurants, Christmas music and an outdoor sleigh in which Santa rides throughout the cold Chicago weather.

What was Not in the News

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I didn’t get the “shot,” but about 20 minutes after this was shot John H. White was called to photograph the fire on Michigan Ave. I had met up with him to give him a print.

Lost Soul

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A Smarte Carte normally used in Chicago’s O’Hare airport’s travellers has found its way to the Harrison Red Line going towards 95/Dan Ryan.

Looking Westward, Go West My Friend

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There isn’t much of a story to this photo, but I remember thinking of a shot I missed because I choose not to capture it with my camera. Now it is forever in my mind to remember it for myself. Not taking that chance to make a photo feels selfish.

Ghost Writer

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The Past is Behind Us

This is similar to another post, but still interests me greatly how we will behave in the future, now.

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CTA Fall

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I’m a couple of hours late on this one.