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Little Village Big Heart

In a public street actors dressed in costum portray the Passion of Jesus

Just the first of many photos from Good Friday.

Not So Fast

Walking with the sun can be an amazing thing. I wonder where these two are heading, coming out of a storm or heading in?

On the Streets

It’s been quite some time since I’ve updated this site. I really have no excuse. I’m going to start again (and hopefully with WordPress updating, so frustrating!)

I was simply walking when I caught a lone smoker in her concrete seclusion. I wonder what she’s thinking about.
I’m no¬†Scott Strazzante, but I try! :)

Commuting Downtown

I bring my camera pretty much everywhere to the point I feel very uncomfortable when I don’t have it. I look everywhere I walk and saw this one day as I was commuting along. One of these days I’ll be commuting to get the shots as well.

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Can’t Wait for Spring

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What We See Now

So where is it?

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Best of Friends

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