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Joyous Life

Child smiling riding carnival ride

Today especially, I feel the joy as this child fills life with laughter. Most awesome.

Baby Technology

New Born Child being held by mom minutes after birth

One week ago, my second child was born. It amazes me to think this person wasn’t here not too long ago, but now magically, miraculously is among us. This photograph was taken just moments after he was born. It is so amazing!

Coming in at a very distance second, the technology to assist us in welcoming the next generations of people is constantly advancing and changing. It includes everything from the glasses my wife wore, to the camera I used, to the machines and monitors that measured every heartbeat and chemical level between my son and wife.

I wonder what new technologies my children will have to help me with when we get older, but one thing is for sure, the next generations won’t get tired of amazing life begins and moves forward.

Fog of Life

There is a term in war, “fog of war.” It refers to uncertainty of the enemy’s tactics and strengths. We are surrounded by a fog each day in our lives. We don’t know what the next day will bring. We make decisions on faith that everything will be ok. What becomes dangerous in this “fog of life” is when we believe everything will not be ok. We can’t let the fog scare us even if we end up meeting the unexpected and get hurt. Stay steadfast. Always love.

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