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Mass in B minor, 3rd Movement

The notes on music sheets makes me things someone with very tiny feet ran all over the paper.

Mr. Stanley

The Stanley Cup was put on display in Daley Plaza on June 29, 2010. People waited approximately three hours for a chance to take a photo with it. Those who were not able to wait in line were awarded a brief encounter at the end as staff paraded the cup close enough for onlookers to touch it. The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup on June 9, 2010 against the Philadelphia Flyers.

First Things First

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Manual Labor

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Tampa, FL

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100 Days (10/10): 100 + 1 Photos

10th set of 10!
If you missed the other sets, just click back to the other days going to Sept. 18, 2009. You can also click on “100” in the tag cloud to get all of them. Remember to click on “Previous posts ยป” on the bottom.
Make sure you mouse over the 101st photo for the caption!

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100 Days (4/10): The one hundredth day and so they were happy

4th set of 10

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100 Days (2/10): Still Celebrating

The 2nd set of 10.

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