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Father & Son Always One

A father welcoming his son home.

I AM a Father

There isn’t anything in my life that has changed me than the birth of my son, Neo Seraph.  There have definitely been close calls but the very day he was born changed everything.

I don’t know how I can explain it.  I’m sure other parents out there can relate.  The only thing I can say to describe it in the very inadequate language we call English is being a father is so special to me that it only deserves to be lived everyday.

Yes, those special moments in life happen and we remember them.  Birthdays, graduations, first steps, first kisses and even moments forever captured on film and the like stick out in our memories and are stored forever in our hearts.  In the end they are important stepping stones that bring us to the mundane and normal in the larger journey.

Being father takes everyday to be it.  It’s too immense to be contained in the box of one or two moments.  But that’s what I will try to do, capture that idea, that life in a photograph.  I am on the quest to be a father and capture its moments.

I can say the same for Love (with a capital “L” of course).

Blog Under Way


I’m in the slow process of editing the appearance of the blog via CSS and PHP.  Bear with me as a relearn all that stuff (and learn to be a father).


“Hello world!” – Neo Seraph

I am a father. Still trying to wrap my mind around it.

Some photos:

1st day

15 days