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Ernstthal, Germany

Hand blown and painted glass Christmas ornaments hang at a vendor booth at the annual Christkindlmarket Market in Daley Plaza. They come from Ernstthal, Germany. The vendors have been coming to Chicago for 11 years to sell their ornaments.

This shot was a warm up shot of trying to frame one of the vendors through the opening of ornaments. I was distracted by a sign that she held up asking for $2 for taking pictures. I thought it was really funny and struck an conversation with them. I was amazed at their passion to sell their goods overseas every year. I hope the next time I take a picture, there won’t be much to photograph.

I unfortunately misplaced his card. If the Vendors of these beautiful ornaments are reading this, email me, and I’ll send you a photo!

Hug # 19

Aurora Tabar (left) and Sarah Thompson give each other a hug on a cold Chicago morning on November 5, 2010. I gave them a hug too. There’s no better way to get warm on a chilly day than giving someone a hug.

They stood the the southeast corner of Daley Plaza for one hour. I was able to catch them just 15 minutes before they left. I missed my train that day and drove to work. I’ve learned a long time ago those small bumps in the road, like missing your train, are not worth any stress. I should miss my train more often because whenever I do, I witness such sublime events such as a simple hug on that cold day or a mother helping her daughter with her shoes. (The daughter was about in her mid 30’s.)

Aurora and Sarah stood still vigilantly┬áin the other’s embrace but I feel my photograph was able to capture the explosion of their hug.

More Bidding and Bargaining

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2016 Olympic Bid

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