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A New Home

Rose bush pruned down near the soil

I closed on a house not too long ago. I’m still moving things in, but one of the first things I did was give my grandmother’s rose bush a new home as well. It is now in the backyard of my new house.

It doesn’t look like much now, but if history tells me anything, the resiliencey of this plant will overcome any obstacle it faces, a symbol of how I want to live my life.

Not IT.

Sometimes you feel like there were more than one of you to get things done. But if there were more than one of you, think about how your parents would feel.

Thanks for Family

I was preparing my morning tea (mate), when I was thinking what I am thankful for. This tea is what I drank a lot when I lived in New York (Luminosa) and Argentina (Andréa). It is normally shared with friends and family. This tea was among myself and friends living and laughing and learning how to love in each present moment.

I am thankful for my family and the Focolare that has shown me how to love (and drink tea).


This is my brother always being there for me.

My Year’s Summary

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It isn’t too difficult for me to sum up this past year. I’ve found how much God loves me.

For Phil & Family

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100 Days (10/10): 100 + 1 Photos

10th set of 10!
If you missed the other sets, just click back to the other days going to Sept. 18, 2009. You can also click on “100” in the tag cloud to get all of them. Remember to click on “Previous posts »” on the bottom.
Make sure you mouse over the 101st photo for the caption!

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100 Days (9/10): For Life

9th set of 10
One more to go.

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100 Days (8/10): A Lovely Loving Time

8th set of 10

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100 Days (7/10): Going Strong

As you can see I’ve changed the theme. A little easier to use. Let me know.
7th set of 10.

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