Book Jacket

My name is Joseph Camara.  I am a husband, father and photographer.

I’ve been taking pictures since a trip I made to Italy in 1997. My eyes opened to how I saw the world when others told me what they thought of my photos. I went to Spain two years later with a different eye and a different heart. Photography opened my life to others in discussion and thought on how we see our lives and how we experience it.

I may take the photos, but I can’t “make” them all by myself. It takes viewers and discussion. That communication then transforms the photographs into something that a photographer my not intend or even learn something new about himself that would not have otherwise manifested if the photo was put away in a box somewhere.

Why “I AM”?
“I am” declares something to identify with.  I am a father.  I am a husband.  I am Focolare.  It is strong and holds true every time you say it with heart.  “I am” is unwavering.